Marin Teen Girl Conference

Presented by The Marin Women’s Commission

Be Your Own Superhero!

Workshop descriptions are below:

You Don’t Say: How Your Words Affect Those Around You

This workshop looks at how words we use impact those around us. A slideshow presentation created by Novato High Senior Caroline Cirby of students’ taking a stand against certain words that negatively impact those around us, followed by a discussion of how we promote those words by permitting others to use them.

Fight Back! Essential Self-Defense for Girls

This is an interactive workshop to practice assertiveness with self defense training and an open discussion about sexual assault prevention and empowerment for teens as well as sexual exploitation awareness.

You Can Do It! Create the Life and the Career that is Totally YOU!

You want a life that is totally expressive of you. But how? Come learn through dynamic exercises and interactive games how to discover a life that is right for you and how to find the training, mentors and guides to make your heroic dream come true!

Girls in Power

What characteristics make you a strong leader? Who do you look to as a role model for leadership? This workshop explores different ways people become leaders, using their own strengths and passions. By the end you will learn to feel more confident and powerful about your leadership abilities.

Are We Still Friends?

Participants will learn how to negotiate differences of opinion and vision, and outright conflict, through engaging activities and discussions. These skills are important for girls to navigate friendships and other important relationships in their lives

Tweet Me Right! Learning to resist negative media messages

Do you like the way women are protrayed in the media? If those unrealistic bodies and roles don’t feel right, then this workshop is for you! We’ll equip you with the tools to decipher representations of gender in media and resist those negative messages about body image, identity and self-esteem.

“Understanding Stress & Depression: Know When to Get Help and How to Cope”

Whether you want to know more about your own mental health or are worried about a friend, this workshop will help you understand more about about what’s a temporary “down” feeling and when it’s more serious. We’ll explore causes and triggers, learn more about suicide prevention and awareness, learn techniques for coping with stress, and even hear from a teen who has struggled with and overcome thoughts of suicide.

Gender Matters: What does it mean to be a girl?

What does it mean to be a girl? What does it mean to be a boy? What do music, TV, and movies tell us girls and boys should act like? In this interactive workshop we will talk about how being a girl or boy (gender) affects our lives and our sexuality. We will also explore what really makes us a girl, a boy and what happens when people don’t fit into those two boxes. This workshop will be a safe space to ask questions and receive answers about gender, sexuality, and sexual health.

You’re Being Played By the Alcohol Industry

Ke$ha says that to start the day she’ll brush her teeth with a bottle of Jack Daniel’s whiskey. Nicki Minaj likes to “have a drink, have a clink” of Bud Light. For at least some of these artists, promoting alcohol has become part of their business models. In this workshop you’ll learn how alcohol companies are targeting YOUth and why it’s important to dig deeper behind what you see & hear in media. You will also walk away with tools on how you can tackle the issue of underage drinking in your school community!

#Girlscode Why We Need More Women in Technology. Could This Be You?

Meet smart amazing women who make companies like Google, Facebook and Yahoo household names. You’ll learn what coding is, why the tech industry needs you and what you can do to be a part of this exciting industry!

Girls for Sale — The Ugly Truth About Sex Trafficking in Marin

Meet someone online? Have an older boyfriend? These are both ways that innocent girls are lured into a life they never imagined. It’s hard to believe that this happens here, but in this workshop you’ll meet young women who are survivors of this crime and learn how to protect yourself. Its important to bring awareness to this misunderstood issue. Being informed, you can be an advocate for prevention and victims’ rights.


Presented by experienced sex educators, this session will help you explore your values around your sexual decisions, understand and implement boundaries, discuss the meaning of healthy relationships, consent, respect and true intimacy. This is a safe place to ask questions and learn how to make choices that are right for you!

Prioritizing Your Passions and Values to Build a Balanced Life

Teens’ lives are filled with conflicting demands, creating stress, pressure and worry. Learning to prioritize based on your passions and values can be your superpower! This session will give you specific strategies that put you in charge of your time and talent. You will learn how to make decisions that lower your stress and offer you values-based time management.

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March 15, 2014

9:00am to 3:30pm

Embassy Suites Hotel
San Rafael, CA

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